Jo Cooper - 2003

Letter to the Editor
By: Jo Cooper

       As a medicare recipient, I am extremely disappointed that the medicare-reform bill passed. I am 74, a cancer survivor, with UIP, *Unusual Interstitial Pneumonitis), on oxygen 24/7. I double check every Medicare Summary Notice I receive. I'm grateful for what the taxpayers do for me. (80 percent medicare, & we pay what our PERS (Public Employees Retirement Service) doesn't. Yes, I know Bush says I may keep what I have, but I am concerned that with most of the 400 BILLION going to drug companies and HMO's, the old people who will need prescription money after 2006 will be hurting. I think I may not live until then myself, but I am sad for the others who will really need it.  

by Ralph Cooper, 8-11-08
     Due to the diagnosis of UIP in February, 2003, the doctor started Jo on oxygen, 24/7 during her waking hours. It didn't seem to give her much relief from her respiratory distress and finally in June, 2004, we discovered it could be abandoned with no adverse effects.You can see the intranasal catheter in place in the photo above.

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