Monday, May 8, 2006

  Fuel a boycott
     Gas prices are outrageous. What can we do about it?
     One suggestion is to protest by not buying any gas on one day each week.
     Another idea is to cut back on driving or bike to work instead.
     The best on I've heard is to not buy any gasoline from Exxon and Mobil stations from now until the first of the year. A petroleum engineer said that would hurt those big companies enough so they would lower their prices, forcing the other companies to compete.
     The industry says the reasons for the high cost are that the price of crude oil has doubled, that production is down (in part from Katrina) that the energy policy act requires a higher amount of gasoline additives and that state and federal taxes are added.
     Actually it's greed--greed starting from the Saudi royal family, to the refineries, distributors, down to the gas station owners. My critics call it capitalism. I call it 300-percent-profit greed.
     In Venezuela, gas is less that 50 cents a gallon. The United States should find a nominal price.
     Good luck on your summer vacation----Memorial Day prices are usually the highest in the year.

Jo Cooper

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