Letter to the Editor
By Jo Cooper
December 2005

  God I hope you survive this crazy war and come home soon, and that they figure a GI Bill sort of thing to help you go to college. I don't have a family or good friend in THIS war, but I want to write this to all of you.

I'm 76 years old so I can remember back to before WW II. I was in high school when the UN first met in San Francisco. I was thrilled and thought, Now, no more wars. The old men who disagree will sit around a table and settle their problems without all the young men getting killed. I'm so very sorry it did not work out that way.

Guess you can tell I was against going to war in Iraq in the first place. I ws glad to see Sadaam put out, but actually sickened by our lack of peace plans thereafter. The looting and how many civilian Iraquis killed after that, and the mess we have made of getting things in shape since, bother me, terribly.

My father taught young men to fly to be in WW I, then he and my brother-in-law were in WW II. My first husband was in Korea. My second husband was in the Navy, but only went to China after the war was over. I hated the war in Vietnam, but did not participate in the protests at that time, but I did attend a candle-light vigil for Cindy Sheehan protesting the war last month. We stood, (me in my wheel chair), on a street corner in Pasadena with signs, "Honk for peace." We were pleasantly surprised by how many cars honked and waved. Of course, we support you. I just diagree 100 percent with the way they are asking you to fight the insurgents. I feel we are doing more harm to Iraq than good. Bless you.

Jo Cooper

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