Do Something: Vote
Letter to the Editor
By Jo Cooper
October 16, 2006

       Many people today wonder if it's worth the trouble to vote. I believe it is not only our privilege---it's our duty to vote.
     I asked my hardworking Sparkletts man if he was going to vote. He said, "probably not." Then I started saying we must do something to stop the present government. As the experts say, what we're doing in Iraq has become the poster for al-Quada. The I told him it's imnportant we vote and elect a Congress that will make some changes.
     Many people are too busy just making enough to get by these days that they don't even have time to think about voting.
     We arre bombarded with commercial ads for all the politicians. It isn't easy to sort them out. It helps to read who is paying for the ads.
     In 1966, I voted for Ronald Reagan when he ran for governor the first time. I believed his pre-election speech when he said he'd cut state taxes. My husband's monthly deduction for state taxes was $50. The month after Reagan took office, my husband's pay stub showed $100 a month for state tax. When I screamed that it had been doubled, my husband said, "You should have voted Democrat!"
     I took his advice and have voted mostly Democratic ever since. I've voted in every election for five decades. They didn't always turn out the way I voted, but, as long as I vote, I feel I have the right to com;plain to the people in ;power who are supposed to be working for us.
     Remember that old quote: "The only thing it takes for evil to triumph is for good ;peo;ple to do nothing."
     Please vote.

Jo Cooper

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