View of Aviation Museum

  Cessna Cessna 1929 Model A Monoplane NC-8141  
  1st Cessna to have internally braced cantilevered wings; Production date; 3/23/1929; Warner Engine S#161  

  Curtiss Curtiss Airplane Co. 1910 Bi-Plane    
  Flown by Chas. K. Hamilton in 1st New York-Philadelphia run in 1910; Original engine removed after flight (same engine Curtiss won 1909 Rheims, France race with)  

  Ercoupe Engineering Research Corp. 1941 415-C 67  
  Harold Warp purchased new; 1st plane to have all controls through the steering column; didn't work well; Continental engine.  

  Gyro-Copter Bensen Aircraft Corp. 1955 B-7    
  Made from Kit; McCullough Military Surplus engine;  

  Hartman Arthur J. Hartman 1910 Monoplane    
  Constructed by Hartman; 3 cylinder Anzani engine.  

  Heath Heath 1931 Parasol Spencer V S#1  
  First successful Kit plane; Engine currently in plane is Heath B-4, S#265; original motor Heath/Henderson 400 series is on display separately.  

  Helicopter Sikorsky 1942 YR-48 26  

  Navy #HNS-1; Army Serial #43-28229; N75378; 200 HP Warner engine;  

  Jenny Curtiss Airplane Co. 1917 JN-4D 1350  
  1st U.S. Warplane; OX-5 powered  

  Jet Bell 1942 P-59 P-59-44-22656  
  2nd Jet ever porduced in US-sent to Purdue University for testing; 2 General Electric I-16 engines (now on floor display)  

  Lincoln   1917/18 Standard    
  IN STORAGE; no plans as of now to restore; Renault engine from this on floor display  

  Lincoln-Paige   1928 Bi-pPlane    
  IN STORAGE; no plans as of now to restore; OX-5 engine from this on floor display.  

  Piper Apache Piper Airplane Co. 1954 S25-32 N1030P  
  Believed to be second oldest licensed Apache in original condition; manufactured March, 1954; first light twin produced for private use; Two 150 HP Lycoming opposed engines.  

  Pitcairn Autogiro Pitcairn Autogiro Co. 1931 PA-24 F-55  
  Kinner K-5 powered; Originally used for air mail  

  Stinson Stinson Aircraft Co. 1930 SMBA 4080  
  1st 4 passenger Stinson; all original except "doughnut tires"; Lycoming radial engine  

  Swallow Swallow Airplane Mfg. Co. 1927/28 Bi-Plane 919 ?  
  Believed to be a 1927 model produced in 1928; OX-5 engine; 1st commrecial plane; This one used by Flex-O-Glass  

  Taylor Taylor Aircraft Co. 1937 J2 1650  
  "Cub"; Continental engine, S#1517, Model A-40-4; most popular small plane of 1930s and 1940s.  

  Ultralight Weedhopper Co. 1982 Gypsy G133  
  Kit; 3 modifications made from original for safety; Rotax 277, 28 HP Austrian made engine.  

  Wright Bros. Replica-H.P. Boen 1962 REPLICA    
  Exact replica of original Wright Brothers Flying Machine; has Henderson 4 cylinder motorcycle engine.  

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