DEAN RETURNS TO THE U.S. - 1924-1956
     Dean Lamb returned to the United States in 1925. There are now gaps in the 'potted' smaller biographies (Who's Who in World Aviation etc). In several of these he is listed as President, Bettis Flying School, McKeesport, PA, 1926-27. (There is no record of this).
     Lamb is listed as pilot/saleman, Air Associates, 1927-28. He gained Transport Pilot rating no. 465 (1928).
     1928/29. He was associated in negotiations to run arms to the American Communist Party. However he appears to be acting in some capacity for US intelligence.
     1929/30. Lamb was associated with Charles V Bob, aircraft promotion entrepreneur and stock market financier, in a fraudulent stock market dealing and a mining scam that fleeced members of New York society and also many small investors of their money. (The case was complex and I still haven't unravelled all the parts of it yet
     1934. Lamb published "Incurable Filibuster". During the period up until 1940 and perhaps beyond Lamb wrote many magazine articles and short stories. He also wrote another book, "Gold Braid and Machetes," of his experiences with Central and South American Armies. (I have tried to track down a copy of Gold Braid, without success).
     1935-1940: Lamb was a test pilot for Vertoplane Corp, New York, 1935-36 (headed up by inventor Gerard Herrick); Lagra Co, aircraft export, 1938-39. During this period he is noted in papers such as the New York Times etc, as a widely respected member of New York's mercenary community.
     1941: At some point Lamb joined the US Air Force (or the Army Intelligence Corps) either before or after the US entered WW11. He served as Major, intelligence officer in India, for Chennault's Flying Tigers. (He is reported in various articles etc as flying transport missions over the Hump in the Burma campaign or flying with Chennault. This was impossible, because at the time he was nudging 60 years of age!).
     He was back in New York late in 1944 where he was indicted on grand larceny and fraud for the theft of five diamond and ruby rings worth $30,000 - a tidy sum in those days and still respectable, so far as I'm concerned. in these times). He was finally cleared of the Gem theft charge in May, 1945.
     1946-1954. Lamb was apparently back in the Air Force in 1947/48.
     He retired from the USAF as Lieutenant-Colonel (probably in 1953 although the date is uncertain) and suicided in Tucson, Arizona, November, 1955. There are various reports of his health at the time of suicide - that he was healthy or that he was very ill. (Unfortunately Tucson Police, who were most helpful, had dispensed with the file while the city's coronial records do not go back to 1955.)
     Dean Lamb married Edna Adele Robertson and they had a daughter, Juliette (married name, if any, unknown). I have no idea where or when they were married or whether surviving relatives are still living in Pennsylvania.
     Lamb's address in the 50s is listed as 310 E 44th St, New York 17, NY.
     Lamb led an extraordinary life as an air pioneer, trying continually to persuade Central and South American governments and factions to swap aircraft and flying concessions for his services as a mercenary on land or in the air. He made a good deal of money but spent it invariably at casinos and in carousing with mates, chasing women and on parties. It seems that for Lamb the main motivation was not so much the money but the adrenalin.
     The real problems with his life is that so many of the circumstances and events are hazy or never happened. He might have drawn the longbow on his time in Mexico (most of the material written in newspapers about that period is rubbish) and about other parts of his life. However enough can be verified to suggest that he just might have done, partially at least, what he claimed. Many of the people he mentions and had dealings with in Incurable Filibuster were presidents of nations, international statesmen, diplomats or business leaders. Why was not Lamb exposed as a fraud in the 1930s?
     I'll drag out the manuscript and finish it if the period in Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil can be verified by Brazilian or other sources. It shouldn't take too long as it's half-done and the rest is planned.
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