Letters From Vienna
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  The R.M.S. Olympic* passed us the fourth day out – it was a beautiful sight. It was in the evening so it, as well as our own boat, was electric lighted through out. They signaled back and forth – It perhaps passed within ˝ mile of us.  

Bozena Langlerova
R.M.S. Olympic – color postcard

     It has been moonlight and no one can imagine the beautiful moonlit water. I cannot tell you but is certainly a beautiful sight. The sunsets too are grand in coloring as the sun slowly sinks in the mist.

     We are keeping a chart of our course and will mail it to you.

     If thought, you could send this to John as I would write him the same and I don’t know his address any way - He can write us direct to Vienna c/o American Medical Association.

     I found many letters awaiting us when I came on board and I did appreciate it so much

     It is almost dinner time and I must go and dress. We are always starved every meal – oh, if you know how lonely I am for my boys – and I know how Gene longs to take them in his arms and love them. Tell me every thing about them when you write.

*The (Royal Mail Steamship) RMS Olympic was a sister ship to the RMS Titanic. It was one of the few of the White Star fleet not to be sunk by warfare or natural elements.

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