Lirette Family
Photo from Jeff Waguespack, 4-20-08

via email from Lois Waguespack Matelan, 4-10-08
Adney Lirette was my great-uncle. My maternal grandmother was Aline Lirette, and I have a copy of the same family picture that is on the web page. The family story we were told was that Uncle Adney died while wing-walking at a county or state fair in Texas. An obituary was reprinted in a column in the Dallas Morning News in, I believe, 1992, when I was living in Dallas, but I no longer have a copy.

You might try searching their archives.

Hope this helps.

Lois Waguespack Matelan

Lirette & Marie
Mr. & Mrs. Edgar Lirette about 1925
     This is a picture of Adney's parents. Edgar was sheriff of Terrebonne parish. A copy of a handwritten note from one of my relatives in Louisiana is included. Edgar and Marie had ten children, three boys and seven girls. All the children except Adney lived into their 70's or 80's.
Photo and legend from Roy Dillard, 3-14-05

Lirette Family Tree
       Joseph Edgar Lirette, son of
Alexander Lirette and Angelina Gautreaux,
born Nov. 5, 1856, died June 3, 1933.
     Marie Eugenia Thibodeaux, daughter of
Augustin Thibodeaux and Myrtle Pinel,
born Sept. 27, 1857, died Aug. 8, 1925
1. Cecelia
2. Rose
3. Edna
4. Alexander
5. Aline
6. Adney
7. Lillian
8. Beatrice
9. Lena
10. Edgar Jr.
May 15, 1881     d. 1971
Aug. 15, 1882
May 15, 1884     d. 1958
Mar 3, 1887       d. 1971
Apr 2, 1889
Mar 27, 1891     d. 1971
May 11, 1893
Oct 2, 1895
Jan 10, 1898
Jan 24, 1900

Edna            Alex            Adney            Lillian

Lirette Family

Lena           Edgar Sr           Marie           Edgar Jr
Lirette Family Group
Photo and legend from Roy Dillard, 3-14-05
       This picture shows Adney and his family. The original had Cecilia and Rose cut off for some reason. This was disappointing for us because Cecelia was my grandmother. The date the picture was taken is unknown. Edgar Jr. was born in 1900; he looks to be in his early teens. Adney was born in 1891; so he is probably in his early 20's.  

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