Raoul Lufbery

via email from Arnaud Vasseur, 6-12-07
     I'm French and my girlfriend is Stéphanie Lufbery. Her great grandfather was Julien Lufbery, one of Raoul's brothers. I'm working on her genealogy and we are stymied because of lack of information regarding his American family.

Family Relationships

Father: Edward Lufbery born in 1854.

First Marriage
Raoul Gervais Victor (1885-1918),
Charles Albert (1881-1977)
Julien Joseph William (?-?)
Second Marriage
René Norbert (1891)

       I have included a copy of the Family Tree where you can see the relationsips more easily. I hope you can help me in this project. I need the more information about his American Family.
     One question : who have you met in France for during your search about Lufbery ?
Best regards,
Arnaud Vasseur
PS If you speak French, I will be the happiest man of the world.
Editor's Note: All the information I have about his family relations is what is found on this page. If you can help Arnaud with his search, please contact me. I will forward your message to him. Thank you.

via email from Ray Wolff, 3-14-06
Hi Mr. Cooper,
     Thank you for getting back to me. I don't have a lot of information on Raoul Lufbery's life other than what has been written about him. My paternal grandmother was a Lufbery from New Jersey and I believe Raoul Lufbery to probably have been either a 2nd or 3rd cousin to my grandmother.
      I do know there is a Lufbery living in Wallingford, Ct., which is where Raoul's father's family had settled. If I come across any other pertinent information I'll pass it on to you.
      My brother has a few photos of him and also a copy of the NY Times headlines that announced Lufbery's death. I'll stay in touch.

via email from Jack McCleland, 7-19-06
      Well, I called my mom to see what she could remember (she's 89 but still sharp). Here's what she told me:
      Raoul Lufbery came to Wallingford and stayed with his brother (whose name she can't remember). His brother had two sons Marcel and Raoul. Raoul (the nephew) worked with my mother in Wallace's Silverware Co. in Wallingford (He was her boss although he was the same age as her). My mother was born in 1917. The Lufbery's lived on Valley St., in Wallingford and the nephews of Raoul, as well as Raoul's brother, all worked in the Silverware factories (Wallace's and Judd's). There is a good chance Raoul worked in one of them when he stayed with his brother on Valley St. Back then, my mother said, no one drove so you lived near where you worked. Raoul (the nephew) married an Italian American woman from North Haven CT and his brother Marcel (the other nephew) married Marie Germain (who, come to find out--this is news to me) is my Grandfather's (Francis Germain) brother's (Phillip Germain) daughter--hence, my mother's first cousin.
      Another little anecdote. When my mom was young she said there came to town a man in a military uniform to visit with the Lufbery's. It was the talk of the town because this was a very unusual event for that time. You never saw military uniforms then (this was after WWI and before WWII).
      My mother is going to talk to her friends to see if they can fill in some of the gaps (e.g. Raoul's brother's name, etc) or have other info about Raoul or his brother. I gave you more info about the nephews I know, but they were contemporaries of my mother. I'll see what else I can dig up. I was shocked to learn there is a distant relationship between my mother's family (the Germains) and the Lufberys. Later.

via email from "Lovin", 6-28-07
     Raoul Lufbery, the brother, lives at 8 Pond Hill Road in North Haven. He did in fact retire from Wallace Silver Smith, (Wallace's Silverware Co.)." His son Paul lives at 187 Pond Hill Road. Raoul has two other children, Raoul and Marion, twins, but do not know their whereabouts. I recall talking with them when I was a kid and going to Lufbery Park, in Wallingford. These folks do have photos and history to share.

via email from Jeff Haller, 8-2-09
     My name is Jeff Haller, My grandfather on my fathers side is Wilbur G Haller. His Mother,(my Great Grandmother), was Bertha(Lufbery) Haller. Which should have been Raouls sister. I have some info on this side of the family and documentation.
     If you still need info for the Family tree on the site let me know?
Jeff Haller

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