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Contributed by John Stewart, 12-4-06
     The Elbridge Engine Co. produced a 21 page booklet, ca 1910-1911, which reviews the accomplishments of the pioneer aviators in the early days. They give special attention to the many aviators who flew aeroplanes which were powered by their own engines, but included information on many of the other aviators of the era. You will find many familiar names are discussed in the text, including that of Lt. A. F. W. Macmanus, but will also be introduced to many more who are either unknown or forgotten. You will also find many illustrations of aviators and aeroplanes which have been included to enhance the descriptions.
     You can access the booklet by clicking on the title above.
     The reference to Lt. Macmanus is as follows:

"We know that Lt. A. F. W. Macmanus of San Antonio, Texas, with an unsual monoplane of his own design, has made some experimental flights."

I have no information as to the dates of his birth or of his death.

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