(PREDA WAR - 1915)
Courtesy of Giovanni Giorgetti, 1-25-06
Lohner L_127
Lohner L.127 in the Ancona Harbour
       This LOHNER "L.127" belongs to a lot of 24 aircraft model "TI" built by the Ungarische Flugzeugwerke A.G. (U.F.A.G.) of Budapest-Albertfalva on licence granted by the firm of JACOB LOHNER & CO. of Vienna-Florisdorf.
     The product of previous building experiences, the LOHNER type "L" (military denomination) is a biplane with a wooden hull. The structural part of the wings is made of wood with fabric covered surfaces. The tail section is made of metal tubing covered with plywood. An engine mount made of metal tubing supports a RAPP 150 hp, six cylinder inline, water cooled engine (missing), having a frontal radiator and a push rear propeller. This type of seaplane was built until September 1916. A total of 93 aircraft were built and put into service as bombers and reconnaissance-aircraft.
     During 1917, following the production of new models type "K", the "L" series was relegated to training. The exemplar exhibited was delivered to the Imperial Royal Navy in June 1916 and participated in bombing raids against Italian positions until the end of 1917.
     Later, in the early morning of June 3, 1918, while it was based at Lussino where it was used as a reconnaisance-aircraft over the Dalmatian costline, it was stolen by two matrosen (marines) of Italian descent who flew it across the Adriatic sea, landing in the Italian waters fronting nd Fano; sighted by personnel of the 2 Armed Train, it was identified and captured along with the crew.
     In the following hours two pilots, Navy Officers Aldo Pellegrini and Alberto Briganti, were sent on a FBA seaplane from the base of Ancona to retrieve the captured aircraft.
     In 1988, after some events and a series of laborious restorations, this magnificient seaplane was transferred permanently to the Air Museum of Vigna di Valle.
Caratteristiche Tecniche
Anno di costruzione
Production Year
Apertura alare
Wing span
I d r o v o l a n t e d a r i c o g n i z i o n e e bombardamento
Reconnaissance and bombing seaplane
M 16.20
m 10.26
m 3.85
Superficie alare Wing area
Peso a vuoto
Empty weight
VelocitÓ max
Maximum speed
mq 53
Kg. 1150
Km/h 105
1 Austro - Daimler 140/180 CV
1 Austro - Daimler 140/180 Hp
Kg 200

Lohner L_127
Lohner L.101
from STORIA DELL'AVIAZIONE - Fratelli Fabbri - 1973; pag. 106.
Courtesy of Giovanni Giorgetti, 1-21-06

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