ILVA Factory
Torre Annunziata steel plant of ILVA
     Coming back to home from his flight from Italy to Brazil, my uncle Major Giuseppe Marini received a warm welcome from many friends and family members who at that time were mostly workers and employees in the Torre Annunziata steel maker plant of ILVA. Here is the picture of the group taken March 9, 1931
     Beside my uncle Giuseppe in the center of the picture, I can recognize his father, i.e. my grandfather or, "nonno Domenico Marini." He is the white haired person standing close to the right arm of Giuseppe. I can recognize as well my father, Nestore Marini, who is the person standing, third from the right of the photo. My grandfather and my father where both engineers working for the ILVA steel maker. Finally, I can recognize my uncle Renato Marini, the younger brother of Giuseppe, whose head is just barely visible behind the police man on left side of the picture. At that time, my uncle Renato was already a Lieutenant Pilot coming from the Air Academy. Unfortunately, he later crashed in his catapulted airplane in 1938.
Photo & Legend from Domenico Marini, 3-11-06

Domenico's grandfather
Domenico's father
nonno Domenico Marini Domenico Marini's grandfather
Collection of Domenico Marini, 3-11-06
Nestore Marini
Domenico Marini's father
Collection of Domenico Marini, 3-11-06

Domenico's uncle
Domenico's uncle
Renato Marini
Domenico's Uncle
Collection of Domenico Marini, 3-11-06
Giuseppe Marini
Domenico's Uncle
Collection of Domenico Marini, 3-11-06

Domenico Marini
Domenico Marini
Domenico Marini - 1997
     In this photograph, I am depicted in front of a Macchi MC 205 VELTRO, Italy's finest World War II fighter.
     This picture was taken during the "Napoli Vola" exibition at the Royal Palace of Napoli in 1997
     From the 250 prototypes of MC 205 VELTRO built by Macchi during the WW II, the fighter depicted in the photograph is the only one existing and it was restored to fly again in 1981
     My uncle Giuseppe Marini had the chance to see it in action at the end of WW II
     For more information on the story of this famous fighter, the following site is recommended.
MC 205 Veltro
     Once on the page, click on "Macchi MC 205 V Veltro" to access the article.
Photo & Legend from Domenico Marini, 3-14-06

ILVA Steel Plant
and the Marini Family

     Domenico has kindly supplied us with additional information regarding the ILVA steel plant and his family's association with it over the years. You can read the rest of the story by clicking on the title above.

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