Photos & Legends by
Marcia A. Tedford, 12-29-07
Vice President
Momence Chamber of Commerce
British Consul-General, Honorable Andrew Seaton, Chicago, Illinois,
presents the British flag to the family and Jack O'Brien, Pat's great-nephew,
accepts in the name of the family, July 31, 2007

The British and American flags mark cornors of the grave marker
with two framed photos of Pat standing on each side.
The photo is of the memorial dedication, July 31, 2007.

Grave Marker
Lieut. Pat O'Brien's grave had been without a marker for over 86 years.
Mr. Rex Rowe, former Mayor of Momence and himself a WWII veteran and POW,
is the individual whose tireless efforts placed the marker on Pat's grave.

by Marcia Tedford, /-5-08
Vice President
Momence Chamber of Commerce
My interest in Pat O'Brien came through Rex Rowe who was working so hard to try to have a marker placed on Pat's grave site. It was at his request I became interested in this project. Once I started to gather information, meet family members, locate some articles and objects the family had saved, I felt there was a need to put a personalty to this brave man. With his Irish ancestry, he had to be quite a daredevil. I sense his determination to fly from the newspaper articles from his time and from his book. (I am an Irish and Norweign lady myself). My son Tyler has retired from the Army after 23 years of service in Special Forces and knowing his personalty, I think some of Pat's character shines through.

I want to also share with you for now that I have contacted an individual and asked him to write a book about our Pat O'Brien. This gentleman author is a fomer resident of Momence and very interested in our community history and individuals. He has authored a pictorial book of Momence and is in the process of publishing his second one. He has agreed to do this project and we will meet for the 3rd time this coming Wednesday. I have accumulated so much information about Pat and am still seeking anything I can find.

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