Henri Pequet
Henri Pequet
from Los vuelos del centenario
contributed by Eloy Martin, 6-29-11


Los vuelos del centenario
“Los vuelos del centenario.
Crónica de la aviación Argentina en 1910”
Eloy Martin
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Paperback: 246 pages
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"The flights of the centenary. Chronicle of aviation Argentina in 1910" is a personal project that emerged as result of their continued enthusiasm and passion for aviation. In this paper the author develops a study depth on the context in which aviation unfolded in those years. Pilots, aircraft and projects national aviation are integrated in this work, along with a detailed analysis of sites flight used in Argentina.

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Born in Buenos Aires in 1956. During the 80 was formed as an aviator, commercial pilot and first class flight instructor. In 2006 he received a Bachelor of Science in Education and a year later, has spent more than twenty years of aeronautical research. His work as a historian, approached from a scientific perspective, are published in major national and international media are required as an indispensable reference material, both for those who are new to the field, to more experienced researchers. Currently teaches at the National Technological University.

Henri Pequet
Selected from the book
by the author, Eloy Martín
Born in Bracquemont (Seine-Inférieure), France on February 1, 1888. He began his aviation activity in 1905 balloon flight practice with Baudry and then aboard the dirigible Paulham "Ville de Paris." In 1908 worked in the aircraft factory in Mourmelon Voisin brothers. At one time he was commissioned to Chalons to repair an aircraft as the Anzani engine builder had left at the bottom of the field. Made the assignment, obtained permission to take up the other side of the property and was in that opportunity for the first time she experienced the feeling of operating an aircraft in an impeccable online tour line [1].

In 1909 he was hired as a pilot and mechanic for the Chilean Jose Luis Sanchez manufacturer Kiss (1879-1954). That year he accompanied the German town of Johannistal, near Berlin, where he attended Mr. Edwards [2] in a aviation meeting. On that occasion, for different reasons Pequet their employer proposed to replace Edwards as a pilot with the condition that his contract be terminated as a mechanic. Thus, on October 30 was out a short straight line flight completed with impeccable flat cornering and landing successfully.

Pequet thus established himself as a pilot. Then played tasks Voisin aircraft factory when he was invited to participate in aerial activity in Argentina. As with Aubrun, came to participate only the "Fortnight of Aviation". Voisin biplanes brought two 60-hp-ENV [3]. Made its maiden flight Villa Lugano on March 24, 1910 and returned to their homeland chose, in the school of the Voisin brothers in Reims, the pilot's brevet Aero Club of France which was granted on 10 June under the # 88.

On February 18, 1911 held in India with the plane Sommer "Humbert" the first official airmail 6500 carrying letters between Allahabad and Naini locations remote from each other at 10 km. He played functions for the Morane-Saunier house, where he was commissioned to Russia to work with aircraft of that brand. He returned in 1918. Participated as a pilot in World War II and was a prisoner of the Gestapo and was deported in April 1943. He later served as professor and director of flight school in the Airport "Ville de Vichy". He died in Vichy, France on March 13, 1974 [4]. Google Translate for my:SearchesVideosEmailPhoneChat Business:

Eloy Martín (Argentine)

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