Gunther Plüschow
Gunther Plüschow - Der Flieger von Tsingtau
     "Plueschow in front of the city wall of Haizhou in the province of Jiangsu, on November 6, 1914. On that day he had escaped the besieged Tsingtao by his plane, and after a flight of ca. 200 km to the southwest, landed at Haizhou, because the plane had no fuel anymore."
Photo from Rosebud's WW I and Early Aviation Image Archive
Courtesy of Rod Filan
Text by Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Matzat
From the ALLSTAR Network

via email from J. Burmester, 6-4-06
Dear Sir
     Browsing the Internet, I came accross your E-mail in which you ask for information on the above named aviator
     As a young boy, about 70 years ago in Germany, I was given a book written by him. The title is "Silbervogel ueber Feuerland." It described his exploits in South America.. So, the Escape from Tsingtao was not the only book he wrote.
      Hauptmann von Werras' Escape from England was the subject of a film and his subsequent escape from there via the USA back to Germany was greatly admired.
      The sad story is that he was shot down over the eastern front, not long after that.
Hope to get an answer to my letter
J. Burmester
P.S. Our estate was also in Mecklenburg and was confiscated the first time by the Commies in E-Germany and was after the reunification not returned to me and my Sister. Payout was preferred to restauration to the former Owners Typical German Bureaucracy.
Editor's Note: I do thank Mr. Burmester for this interesting bit of information. It does add another dimension to the story of Gunther Pluschow which had been unknown to me. Using Google on the name of the book, I found that it was a childhood favorite of yet another author.

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