Gunther Plüschow
Gunther Plüschow

     If you search for "Gunther Plüschow", using the Google search engine, (6-25-11), you will find about 1,740 links! The one cited immediately below is really outstanding. In addition, if you want to learn more and if time permits, I highly recommend that you visit some of the other sites which are very rich sources of information. If you don't read the foreign languages, most of the links can be translated directly from the Google page.
Gunther Plüschow
The Escape of the Dragon Pilot
      This is a truly remarkable resource and offers a detailed and fascinating story of the life and career of this pioneer German aviator. It is contained in some ten full pages of text and photographs which cover his exploits from the beginning to the end. I have extracted two paragraphs from the first page which will give you some idea of the story.
      "Gunther Plüschow was the only German Prisoner of War to escape from mainland Britain. (Franz von Werra in World War II escaped from Canada, having failed repeatedly to escape mainland Britain.) Pluschow's achievement is therefore unrivalled and incomparable. How did he escape from Britain?
      Pluschow's exploits started in 1914 in Northern China, in the German colony of Tsingtao. Here he repeatedly flew his aircraft singled handed and outnumbered against the Japanese Farman Float Planes, whilst artillery spotting over enemy lines.
      You can access the website by clicking on the title above.

Aeronautics - Gunther Plüschow
     This page on the ALLSTAR Network website offers a very complete biography which is well illustrated with numerous photographs. You can find his entry by clicking on the title above.
     If you will scroll to the bottom of the page, you will find a very informative message from a Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Matzat who was born and raised in Tsingtao.

"Feuerland", a piece of Falklands’ history returns to Germany
The Feuerland, a small ship with a great history in Tierra del Fuego, Patagonia and the Falkland Islands, finally is returning to Germany, where she was built in 1927.
by John Fowler (Mercopress) Stanley
from the MercoPress website, 4-6-06
     This article on the MercoPress website offers a fascinating story of the Feuerland and its relationship to the exploits of Gunther Plüschow in South America. The following extract from the article will serve to introduce the theme of the story.

"Feuerland was built first to make the long sea journey from Germany to the Southern tip of South America and then to provide the floating headquarters and principal support for an extended expedition in that region.
The Feuerland's owner and the leader of the expedition was Gunther Plüschow, sometimes described rather misleadingly as a German First World War flying ace, a term which summons up pictures of the Red Baron tangling with the pilots of the Royal Flying Corps over the fields of France."

     The entire article is available online at this time, (4-21-06), and may be accessed by clicking on the title above.

Gunther Plüschow in Puerto Bories
     This website was recommended to me by Rolando Stein who represents the Singular Hotel in Chilean Patagonia. On it you will find a very complete and interesting presentation of the story of Gunther, including many nice photographs. Also, at the bottom of the page, you will find links to two other websites which are very helpful. The one in German links to the homepage of Gunther but it is easy to produce a version in English By using the Google translation program.      In addition to the story of Gunther in Patagonia, you can access complete information about the new Singular Hotel.

Version en Español
Gunther Plüschow
with DVD
A life of dreams, adventures and challenges by a impossible love: Patagonia
Spanish - English - German - Portuguese
by Roberto Litvachkes
Product Details
Publisher: Serie del Sur (July 2006)
Language: Spanish
Price: Used & new from $30.55
ISBN: 987-21760-1-9
Details from
Gunther Plüschow
  This is the history of Gunther Plüschow to whom
no challenge would dissuade him on the way to his dream,
towards his impossible love "... I want to be the first man
to fly over Patagonia... to photograph and film
its beauty to make it known everywhere in the world.."
  Gunther Plüschow is born in 1886 in Munich, and from his youth, was dazzled by a photograph of Terra del Fuego, the island at the End of the World. He was educated in the German Imperial Navy and soon, following his dreams of adventure, he became an aviator. During World War I he became the "Hero of Tsingtao", a German colony in China. In 1928, after a life of incredible adventures, he finally arrived in Patagonia and there ended his days on the 28th of January, 1931. Gunther Plüschow  
1. A rebel boy?
2. Teacher and pupil
3. Leader among his comrades.
4. Towards the conquer of the world!
5. He discovers "his Tierra del Fuego" on a postcard.
6. The SMS Stosch: School of Seamen!
6. The "Princip Regent LuitzPoll": an adventure in each port!
8. Plüschow discovers the exotic China
9. Tsingtao and his new life on board the Furst Bismark
10. His unexpected decision of becoming an aviator
11. Isot: love turns up in his life
12. The master of the air in Tsingtao
13. An endless escape
14. The blond Dragon escapes from London!
15. Return and glory in Germany
16. Success and troubles in his civil life
17. Sea and freedom again!
18. Towards the mysterious austral lands
19. How to make a dream come true
20. The great trip towards Patagonia begins at last
21. His "Silvercondor" takes off in Tierra del Fuego
22. The first plane in Ushuaia
23. Germany requires his presence
24. Film editor and director: " Sobre la Tierra del Fuego"
25. The challenge in Patagonian skies: to film and to photograph the eternal glaciers.
26. The "Silvercondor" is hurt
27. More and more dangerous flights!
28. The fatal accident!
29. His dreams carved forever in the eternal ice of the mountain range
  Editor's Note: You will find several copies of the book are available used from various sellers. I found the current ones on Amazon. (8-3-06)  

Gunther Plüschow
selections from the DVD
El Condor de Plata en
Tierra del Fuego

Courtesy of Roberto Litvachkes, 8-2-06
     These video clips were selected by Roberto from Pluschow's full length film, ( total duration 127 minutes ), and generously shared with us by him. He used parts of the story on the film to enhance the story of Pluschow's life and career in the book he wrote and published, which is described above.
     You can view the clips by clicking on the title above.


Gunther Plüschow
Product Details
Paperback: 156 pages
Price: E-Book = £ 4.70 = $8.74
Price: Paperback = £ 11.50 = $21.39
ISBN: 1904466214
     Visitors to your site may be interested to know that Ripping has republished Gunther Pluschow's book as "Escape from England" (originally entitled "My Escape from Donington Hall").
     As well as his escape from England back to Germany, it also includes his account of the siege of Tsingtao, his subsequent escape from China back to Europe - before being caught at Gibraltar.
     It can be ordered from all good bookshops, or else direct from us at:
Editor's Note: I suggest that you visit the website where you will find a complete description of the book, including a list of the titles of the 17 chapters. You will be able to order the book from the page, either the E-book which is available for immediate download after purchase, or the paperback edition.
     This information was sent to us by the publisher:
Ian Robertson, 18.11.2004
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