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Harriet Quimby
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       I will take you down another BLERIOT path/ that of early pilot HARRIET QUIMBY (first woman to cross the Channel)

PBS - Chasing the Sun - Harriet Quimby
Archival footage of Harriet Quimby in her Bleriot XI plane in 1912. (1:15, silent). RELATED LINKS Harriet Quimby Research Conference ...

NOVA | A Daring Flight | Queen of the Channel Crossing | PBS

On August 1, 1911, at age 36, Harriet Quimby became America's first licensed woman .... Ready to fly: Harriet Quimby in her Blériot XI monoplane, 1912. ...
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The History of Commercial Aviation - Harriet Quimby

Although her career as a pilot lasted a mere 11 months, Harriet Quimby left ... In her gleaming new Blériot monoplane, Quimby flew out over Dorchester Bay ...
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Harriet Quimby - The Cradle of Aviation Museum
Harriet Quimby prepared herself and her plane to claim the record for the first ... Quimby and passenger were thrown from her new two-seat Bleriot the plane ...
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Harriet Quimby
Harriet Quimby became the first licensed woman aviator in the United States on ... Bleriot, intrigued by Quimby's goal, shipped her one of his Bleriot ...
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Harriet Quimby - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Harriet Quimby. Harriet Quimby in her Blériot XI monoplane. Born, May 11, 1875 ... Harriet Quimby with the Moisant monoplane in which she learned to fly ...
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Members in the Spotlight #2-About Harriet Quimby
Connie Tobias, US Airways A330 International pilot and ISA member, appeared as Harriet Quimby in an historical re-enactment of the Bleriot flight at the ...
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Before Amelia: Women Pilots in the Early Days of Aviation - Google Books Result
by Eileen F. Lebow - 2003 - History - 315 pages
Leaving Paris, she traveled to Harde- lot, where Bleriot had a hangar and she could test the machine without attracting attention. Harriet imagined staying ...

Aeronautics - Harriet Quimby
In her purple satin flying costume Harriet Quimby cut quite a figure in early .... The Moisant School built monoplanes in the style of the French Bleriot XI ...
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Bleriot monoplane tail-skid
Harriet Quimby was the first woman to fly across the English channel, and she did. Tim rebuilt the tail-skid of a Bleriot monoplane for the Collings ...
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