Oliver A. Rosto
Kitty Hawk Celebration
Jack London Sq.
December 3, 1965
A most welcome visitor to the office of CHIRP and your Treasurer was Oliver A. Rosto who does a lot of flitting around. Although a resident of Oakland, California, his job with Transocean Air Lines takes him all over the world. Only recently he spent several months in the Near East which has received world-wide attention.
from the Early Birds of Aviation CHIRP, November, 1956, Number 55

Kitty Hawk Dinner Honors EB's, 1959
       Shown here are the EB's in attendance at the Kitty Hawk Day dinner in San Francisco, December 11, 1959.
Left to right they are Harry Christofferson, Oliver Rosto, J. L. Ray, (Candidate for EB membership), Bob Fowler, Cleve Shaffer, Dana DeHart, Tony Stadlman, Stanley Hiller, Frank Coffyn, Hillery Beachey
     Members of the Early Birds in the San Francisco area were again honored at the annual Kitty Hawk Day dinner sponsored by the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of the National Aeronautic Association and all Northern California Aviation Organizations. The date was December 11th, the place was the Mart Club, and the occasion was the 56th anniversary of powered flight. Nine members and one prospective member were on hand to enjoy a grand party. They included Hillery Beachy, Harry Christofferson, Frank Coffyn, Dana DeHart, Robert Fowler, Stanley Hiller, Oliver Rosto, Cleve Shaffer, and Anthony Stadlman, together with prospective member J. L. Ray.      The excellent dinner and program left nothing to be desired, and EB's enjoyed themselves to the full. Music was provided by the Jimmy Diamond Orchestra. President of the Bay Area Chapter of N.A.A. this year is Col. J. Reed Capps. Early Birds greatly appreciate the genuine welcome and courtesies extended them.
     A unique feature this year was a card made up by Tony Stadlman containing a sample of sand from the scene of the first Wright flight together with a splinter form the first hangar at Kitty Hawk. Three hundred cards were made up under the Early Bird name and distributed at the places.
From The Early Birds of Aviation CHIRP, January 1960, Number 62

Will D. Parker
  Past President "Billy" Parker is getting around and doing a fine job of showing his Curtiss Pusher to many pilots and spectators who had never seen one. He has been flying it at the many aircraft doings, both military and civilian. Your secretary saw him fly it at Anderson, Ind., Airport dedication last summer and must say it still is a thrill to seen him fly it. Keep up the good work "Billy."
The above picture was taken at Moffett Field, Calif., at the time of an Early Bird get-together there. Every Early Bird who attended is shown except Harry Christofferson, who arrived late. From left to right are Dana DeHart, Anthony Stadlman, Stanley Hiller, Billy Parker, Oliver Rosto, Speed Johnson, Hillery Beachey and Bob Fowler.
From The Early Birds of Aviation CHIRP, July, 1961, Number 66

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