General Secretaryship
The General Lieutenant of H. M. the King
by His Decree dated 16 August 1918
Seen the Royal Note 26 March 1883;
Seen the Royal Decree 25 May 1915, n 753;
Seen the Royal Decree 8 December 1887, n 5100;
On the proposal of the Minister Secretary of State for
the War Affairs.
He has awarded the
Bronze Medal for valour to the
second lieutenant reserve officer aeronautical corps 6th group aircraft, 78th squadron
Nannini Dante
from Guatemala (America)
War volunteer, animated by great enthusiasm and staunch faith,
he showed him self brave aeroplane pilot and bold hunter during
many war actions. In hard highland, often fighting against very
harsh atmospheric conditions, with quite heedless of the danger
and constant tenacity, he withstood many aerial combats,
always being able to rout the enemy aircraft and to interrupt
their offensive and reconnaissance tasks. Trentine sky, 15 May
1916 - 4 Jun 1917. The Minister Secretary of State for the War Affairs so
ssues this document to attest the conferred honorary
badge. Rome, on
6 Jun 1919
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