General Secretaryship
H. M. the King with His Decree dated 20 July 1919
Seen the Royal Note 26 March 1883;
Seen the Royal Decree 25 May 1915, n 753;
Seen the Royal Decree 1 July 1915, n 1072;
Seen the Lieutenancy Degree 10 February 1918, n 264;
On the proposal of the Minister Secretary of State for
the War Affairs.
He has ratified the concession, done on the field by the
mobilised supreme authorities, of a
silver Medal for
valour with the attached extra pay of Lira Two hundred
fifty yearly to the second lieutenant reserve officer
aeronautical corps 6th group aircraft, 76th squadron
Nannini Dante
from Guatemala (America)
"Bold and audacious pilot, in little more than two months he
executed many war flights, getting down frequently to machine-gun
enemy troops and barracks. He effected eight brilliant actions pulling
down three aircraft and a captive balloon. - Sky of Piave - 21st
February - 14th May 1918 - of Val di Carlo 22 February 1918 - of
mount Civetta 17th March 1918 - Premaor 3rd April 1918 and of the
mount Asolone, 3rd May 1918"
The Minister Secretary of State for the War Affairs so
issues this document to attest the conferred honorary
          Rome, on 9 February Jun 1922
    The Minister  

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