Florence Seidell
and her Curtiss Hydroplane
screenshot from
Goofy Movies Number Three

via email from Marcus Brooks, 6-27-11

I came across your Florence Seidell page after seeing her name on the side of a seaplane in a short feature on Turner Classic Movies.

The short was a one-reeler called _Goofy Movies Number Three_: one of an MGM series that features old silent footage re-edited and voiced over with snide commentary by Pete Smith. In this case the footage seems to include film from 1914's _The Mistress of the Air_, with several good views of Mrs. Seidell and her seaplane (which looks like a rather fancy V-8 powered Curtiss).

One scene shows what looks like Seidell's plane in the water (although the actual crash footage is of a very different plane). This might be from the near-fatal incident mentioned on your site.

I've attached a couple of screen shot examples. These are almost certainly of Mrs. Seidell. If I'm correct about the original movie, the actor shown is Jack Conway.

Florence Seidell & Jack Conway
and her Curtiss Hydroplane
screenshots from
Goofy Movies Number Three
contributed by Marcus Brooks, 6-27-11

  To support my conclusions about the original film's title and the actor's ID, I confirmed that the film's other actor appears in 1955's _East of Eden_ in the role attributed to Richard Garrick by IMDB. Mrs. Seidell's ID is apparent because she pilots the plane with her name on it.


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