Lieutenant Taliaferro was born in Kentucky on September 9, 1880. He served as a private, corporal and a sergeant in the one Hundred Tenth coast artillery from September 12, 1901, to September 8, 1908, reaching the grade of Second Lieutenant in the Twenty-first infantry August 2, 1908.
      He had been attached to the aeronautical branch of the army since the birth of aviation, as aviator and instructor. He had been in the air 195 hours since he attained the rank of junior military aviator, and had the distinction of making more flights than any two aviators in the United States army. Lieutenant Taliaferro's most notable achivement in the world of aviation was made September 17, 1914 when he broke the American
sustained flight record for pilot alone by remaining aloft 9 hours and 11 minutes. He would have remained aloft fully two hours more on this record-breaking flight had not a break occurred in his gasoline supply, necessitating volplaning to the ground.
Married Last April
      The machine in which Lieutenant Taliaferro was killed was a Curtiss military tractor, equipped with a 95 horsepower engine. It as specially equipped for looping the loop. Lieutenant Taliaferro completed the fortieth loop made by the machine when he fell to his death yesterday. Thirty of the loops attributed to tractor No. 30 were made by Sergeant William Ocker
and Corporal Albert Smith on September 24 last.
      Lieutenant Taliaferro was marreid to Miss Leicester Sehon in this city April 29 last, the wedding being one of the big society events of the year. The widow was prostrated last night. Failure of navy divers to bring her husband's body to the surface was carefully kept from her. A brother, Lucien H. Taliaferro, is attached to the field artillery, stationed at Eagle Pass, Tex. He was notified of his brother's untimely death by the war department last night.
Tide Hampers Divers
      Failure of the navy divers and patrol launches to find the wrecked plane is attributed to the fast ebbing
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