Courtesy of Gerald Harness
June 17, 1953
Lewis Eugene Thompson
  Gerald A. Harness SN.
Naval Station Box 27
Navy 127 c/o P. M.
Seattle, Washington.

Dear Friend Gerald:

          It was so nice to receive your long letter, way back in May, sorry that I ahfv failed to get a reply to you B 4 this time.
          Glad indeed to hear you are doing so well with that brush and pen, keep it up big boy as there is always room at the top. I am sure that you will make good too.
          First I will try to answer one or two of the questons asked. On page 797 in vol. three, of Who's Who in the Mid-West, You will find a little story. The new vol will be out in the near future. Now about a good Art School, The Art League in N.Y. is very good, also, the American Academy of Art in Chicago. Would suggest that we talk over this idea when you come back here. glad to hear about the Art Classes that you are so interested in, keep it up.
          Have been very busy, 9 portraits ahead to be done, also some other scenes, a few comemrcial illustrations. Just out of mischief you know, Ha.
          Please excuse this brief note, will try to do better next time. The enclosed booklet will help this lettyer.
Lewis Eugene Thompson
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