It's an oil on board and measures 9" x 12"
Collection of Charlie Howell, 5-13-08

Remembering the Professor...Lewis Eugene Thompson
via email from Gerald A. Harness, 1-5-05
     Mr. Thompson was one of those people who could bring sunshine to any day. I never saw him without a smile and kind words for everyone that he met. He was somewhat of a character around Dayton with his long white hair and beard. Often he was seen in downtown Dayton in his artist smock.He could talk to children or generals with equal respect. Air force elite often visited his studio on Jefferson Street. As you probably have found, many of his paintings were purchased by the Air Force and possibly are at Wright Patterson AFB. He was often invited to the base. He obviously was popular with ladies (I believe he was on his 6th marriage). He told me that an artist's life (low income and long hours) is not conducive to a lasting marriage. He was divorced and remarried shortly before leaving Dayton about 1958. He and his new wife stopped to see my wife and I in Fort Wayne, Indiana on his way to California. He had told me that his new wife was well off. She had been one of his students. We spent many hours that day reminiscing and he invited us to visit his studio in Santa Barbara. At that time, we had not even considered visiting California.
General McArthur
Jimmie Doolittle
General Douglas MacArthur
by Lewis Eugene Thompson
Collection of Gerald A. Harness, 1-26-05
       I first met him when walking in front of his studio and noticing his portrait of Gen. MacArthur. I entered the studio and we talked for some time. He offered me lessons @ $5 per hour. I took the lessons and eventually saved enough to buy the painting.      Mr. Thompson studied art in Chicago. I think he said the Art Institute.
     He was very proud that he appeared in "Who's Who in Art". He showed me the article in 1951.
Must close now. More later.

H. H. Arnold
The Cover
This Week
Football tops the sports in Dayton and throughout
the nation this fall.
Cover artist, Lewis Eugene Thompson, catches
the spirit of the opening kickoff with a painting
in the many hues of autumn. Reproduced here in
black ink, the original may be viewed at his down-
town studio.
This city is well represented in the pigskin pa
rade, and the University of Dayton heads the list
for your out to the stadium fun this fall.

Engraving by Hermes and Knuge
Collection of Gerald A. Harness, 1-8-05

Richard I. Bong
Maj. Perry L. Ritchie
ARTIST L. E. THOMPSON is shown in action
as Maj. Richard I. Bong, Pacific war ace, sits for his portrait.
The Sunday Journal-Herald Spotlight, June 24, 1945
This portrait of Maj. Perry L. Ritchie, well-known Dayton Flyer and test pilot, was painted shortly before the officer's tragic death.
The Sunday Journal-Herald Spotlight, June 24, 1945

H. H. Arnold
Thompson compares Gen. H. H. Arnold's portrait to photograph.
News Photo by Bill Simmons

Betsy Ross?
"I have one his paintings here at my house in Dayton, Ohio.
It's dated 1951. My dad found it on a river bank years ago."

Via email from Clark R. Cowley - 10-29-03
     I am researching an artist Lewis Eugene Thompson (1894-1968) who was born in Hillsdale, attended Hillsdale College (alumni records show his address at that time in Frontier) and died in Santa Barbara, California in 1968. He lived for some period of time in Dayton, Ohio, and was involved in various aviation-related associations. Does anyone have any information on Lewis Eugene Thompson?

  Editor's Note: I join with Mr. Cowley in asking for help in learning more about this artist. Of special interest to me are the whereabouts of any of the portraits of aviators which he painted. If you can help, please contact me. I will forward your response to Mr. Cowley.
E-mail to Ralph Cooper

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