It may now be evident why I am a fatalist. The memory of my many early aviation friends, many long gone with the wind, convinces me that each one of us mortals has a number, not unlike the numbers on the Wheel of my "canary" days, but inscribed on a different "wheel", the aviation wheel of Chance, spun by an unseen hand called Fate. How, why, and when it spins - and stops - nobody knows nor can question the result.
     My life has taught me much, has clarified certain increasing dangers: the growing disregard of the biblical Ten Commandments, the apparent indifference to many man made laws, the alarming increase of crime and lawlessness, the lack of integrity in those whose position should impell them to be first in setting a proper example, and the inexcusable carnage on our highways that takes its terrible tribute each day, month and year. The precious and hard won heritage left us by our forefathers is being dissipated by our indifferance and selfishness. Each individual must take a part in correcting such abuses if our way of life is to survive.
     How thankful I am for some assurances that cheer me against such forebodings. For these past twelve years of retirement have been the golden years of memory during which I have been continually blessed. No man could have greater good fortune than me in the love, sacrifice, and unselfish devotion of my dear wife, and in the affection and devotion and fine character of our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. All I am confident will help to keep the flame of patriotism and the guiding light of righteousness clearly burning brightly in this beloved land of ours. That our Heavenly Father continues to bless them all is my fervent prayer.
  Victor Vernon  
  April 1959
St. Petersburg, Florida
From the collection of Victor Vernon III