Charles Voisin
Charles Voisin
Collection Roger-Viollet, photo H. Manuel Nouvelle Histoire Mondiale de
l'Aviation, Edmond Petit
Courtesy of HARGRAVE, the PIONEERS

by Ernest Jones
     March 16, 1907---Charles Voisin made his first power flight. He and his brother Gabriel were among the pioneers in flight (1904) experimentation and had had long experience at gliding. They had established a factory for the production of gliders and experimental machines for themselves and others.
     Having constructed a power machine for Leon Delagrange, Charles Voisin undertook to demonstrate it and began grasscutting on February 28, 1907, at Bagatelle. On March 16 it flew 10m.
     March 30, 1907---Flights of 20 and 60m. The machine was a biplane pusher, biplane elevator forward on outriggers, box tail aft on outriggers, rudder inside tail and Antonoinette 50 h.p. engine.
     April 8, 1907---50m at Bagatelle; on the thirteenth, 34m. The machine was delivered to Delagrange, but he did not fly it until later. Charles Voisin did not fly again.

Voisin glider
Voisin biplane glider (type Chanute)
Collection of Jean-Pierre Lauwers

Voisin glider
1907 Voisin biplane glider (type Chanute)
Collection of Jean-Pierre Lauwers

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