DAILY-------------------THE DULUTH NEWS TRIBUNE -------------------JUNE 18, 1915.

     Harry Webster, Duluth aviator, yesterday closed a contract for a three-day exhibition at Ely, on July 23, 24 and 25. the flight is to take place at the ball grounds.
     Mr Webster was invited to make a running start from the main street of the town but declined on the ground that he did not wish to be a party to manslaughter. The proposition to fly from the street was a novel one. The narrow street would have been hard to keep the macine in curb, and the danger to over-curious peeping from the windows and getting the surprise of their lives in having their heads suddenly lopped off was too great and Mr. Webster voted in favor of the ball park.
     Two sections of the fence will be taken down and sundry stumps and rocks blasted so as to give his Curtiss flyer a chance to soar.
     Mr. Webster's contract calls for 20 minutes of flying each day, but if the weather is good, in all probability he will give two 15-minute flights.


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