DAILY-------------------THE DULUTH NEWS TRIBUNE -------------------FEB. 21, 1915.

High-Powered Car Pitted Against
Airship as Special Attraction
of the Automobile Show.

Harry Webster, Duluth's Aviator,
and Ray Buchanan, With
"National," Will Contend.

     Featured by a race between an aeroplane and a high-powered motor car, and a two-heat contest for the fastest cars at the Head of the Lakes, the Duluth Automobile club's gala speed attraction in connection with the first Twin Ports Automobile show will be started promptly at 11 o'clock tomorrow on a four-mile oval ice course.
     Duluthians may expect to see space eliminated in real fashion. Dr. J. D. Park, president of the club, said last night that he was confident "80 miles or better" must be made to land first place in the race between high-powered cars.
Pattison Offers Cup.
     As an encouragement for drivers to let their cars out to maximum speed under the circumstances, Warren S. Pattison has offered as a trophy for the winner a handsome cup. He will offer a similar trophy every year.
     The opening race will be the first heat of the contest between high-powered cars. This heat will be for eight miles.
     Harry Webster, Duluth aviator, who has performed in the air in California and other aero centers, has agreed to race his aeriplane aginst Ray Buchanan's fast National car.
     Members of the auto club promise that this will be one of the most exciting events ever seen in this section. An aerooplane racing a high-powered car on an ice course will come near to establishing a new record in sporting circles.
To Race "for Glory."
     Between the two big heats for fast cars, Dodge and Maxwell cars will race six laps. "This race is strictly for glory."
     A race between motor sleighs and the smaller-sized cars has been arranged.
     At 1 o'clock the second and final heat for big cars will be staged. This will be a 20-mile event and will bring out the greatest speed. The winner will land the Pattison trophy.
     The Automobile club will sell tags to pay part of the expense of staging the racing program.

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