DAILY-------------------THE DULUTH NEWS TRIBUNE -------------------FEB. 28, 1915.

Ten Events on Program for the
Afternoon--Webster to Give
Aeroplane Exhibition.

H. J. Filiaaatrault Would Make
Contests on Lake Superior
Course Weekly Event.

     With an attractive list of entries the automobile races on the Lake Superior ice course will begin at 2 o'clock this afternoon. If conditions are favorable, Harry Webster, aviator, will perform and then meet the winner of the 20-mile event for high-powered cars.
     Dependent upon interest shown in these events, arrangements will be made to conduct auto ice races weekly next winter, according to H. J. Filiatrault, one of the committee in charge of today's program. His plan includes engagement of professional drivers to compete here, giving the Head of the Lakes unusual publicity for a novel winter sport.
Ten Events Scheduled
     The races on the program issued yesterday by Mr. Filiatrault comprised 10 events. The first will be of four miles for high-powered cars with Ray Buchanan, Alex Casgrave and Driver Rasia piloting a National, Olds and Overland, respectively.
     There are five eintries in the medium car class. They are as follows; Driver Rosin, Overland; Ralph Hyymun, Ford; Douglas McCullough, Ford; H. S. Lavery, Ford; Clifford Oppel, Napier.
     The same high-powered cars that raced in the first event will compete over the eight and 20-mile distances. An eight-mile race for medium class machines also has been arranged. Then four standard Fords with full equipment will speed over the four-milre course.
Motorcycle Event
     This will be followed by a motorcycle one-passenger race between Harley Davidson and Henderson makes. Motor sleds of the same make as the "bikes" will race the same disstance, timed under flying starts. The last event will be the one in which the aeriplane man will race against the winner of the 20-mile contest.
     Weather conditions are expected to be favourable, according to predictions last night of Weather Forecaster H. W. Richardson. Clear and cold is to be the order of the day. A record crowd is expected to line the course as the speed cars dash over the ice and furnish the thrills usually induced by skidding autos with daring drivers at the wheels.


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