DAILY-------------------THE DULUTH NEWS TRIBUNE -------------------MAR. 15, 1915.

Thief River Falls Society Girl Gains Permission to Fly With
Aviator Webster at Pennington Fair.

(News Tribune Special.)
     THIEF RIVER FALLS, July 31.-- When aviator Harry Webster reaches Thief RIver Falls for his daily flights at the :Pennington county fair which opens here Wednesday, he will find a pretty volunteer to accompany him in his explorations of the blue azure in the person of Miss Laura Stopple, a young society girl who has expressed a desire to ascend in Webster's airship.
     The fair association has gtranted Miss Stopple's request provided, of course, that Webster is willing to make a flight with a passenger.
     Miss Stopple is a typical outdoor girl of the west, aathletic and shapely, an expert horsewoman,m swimmer, tennis and golf player and a favorite in her social set.
     From childhood she has evinced a desire to seek high altitudes, her reckless disregard for danger often having caused
relatives no little anxiety. When a child of 5 years she startled residents of her home town, Alexandria, Minn., by climbing into the wheelbarrow being run across a wire strung between two buildsings a considerable height by an equilibrist making the perilous journey in evident happy appreciation of what appeared to her to be a great treat, but which her fond mother, standing in the excited crowd below did not enjoy.
     Riding outlaw bronchos in a manner to excite the envy of the western cowboy, making long swims in the lake, mounting to perilous heights in order to enjoy more fully her plunge into the waters, Miss Stopple often has furnished thrills for summer guests at Minnesota lake resorts and given the sage forecasters of the future cause to shake their heads knowingly. But the girl always comes up smiling.

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