It wasn't that difficult however, to obtain assistance from other builders there. Other than pertinent information 'stone walled' by the litiginous Wright Brothers, Cicero's aircraft builders willingly shared their knowledge.  

  Elling O. Weeks  
  Perhaps a morphed frozen glue joint, caused a dramatic farewell to Elling's early experiment.  
  Luckily, no one was seriously injured.

On the other hand, during the ensuing decades, he and my father went on to build a half-dozen less errant, more sophisticated aircraft.

If Elling Weeks were alive today, he'd be gratified to see an unbroken family chain of pilots forwarding the heritage he'd initiated 97 years earlier with his involuntary and wild solo ride in a Wright style pusher.

Source : Flight Journal Magazine February, 2008 [ abridged ]
Courtesy of Tom Weeks, 9-17-08

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