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From the book, DRESSAGE


     Using the Google search engine on "Henry Wynmalen" +aviation -books,
( 9-22-07), you will find about 67 links. One of the most interesting has vanished from the net, but you can see an excerpt below.

The Round Britain Race
The Daily Mail £10,000 Prize
22 July - 7 August 1911
     On this page you find a fascinating story of the race, illustrated with many photographs and including some important links. It presents a list of the 30 entrants into the race, including Henri Wijnmalen , along with their aeroplanes and country of origin. Many of them are also to be found on my website at this time. (12-14-04)
    1. André Beaumont
  2. H. J. D. Astley
  3. Brindejonc des Moulinais
  4. R.C.Fenwick
  5. Lt.J.C.Porte, R.N.
  6. Ronald C. Kemp
  7. C. Compton Paterson
  8. O.C.Morison
  9. Jules Védrines
10. James Radley
11. G. Blanchet (11)
12. Lt. R.A. Cammell, R.E.
13. E. Audemars
14. James Valentine
15. D.Graham Gilmour
16. Eric Gordon-England
17. Collyns Pizey
18. Pierre Prier
19. C. Howard Pixton
20. S.F. Cody
21. Maurice Tabuteau
22. F.Conway Jenkins
23. Olivier de Montalent
24. Gustav Hamel
25. Lt. Reynolds, R.E.
26. Robert Loraine
27. B. C. Hucks
28. C.T.Weymann
29. Henri Wijnmalen
30. Lt. H.Bier + passenger
       If time permits, I am sure you will want to read the whole interesting story of this historic event. You can access the site by clicking on the title above.
Editor's Note: This website has disappeared from the net, as of 9-6-07, and I was not able to recover a copy from the website. I am grateful that we have the extract above for reference.

H. Wijnmalen
I read your request for material on this gent and I just wanted to let you know about this scrapbook that will be going on ebay today, (10-19-03), in case it might be of's written in a foreign language, possibly Dutch and the photos are below.....our ebay user ID is justpickers
Editor's Note: In case you find this page on my website and are interested, maybe you can locate this photo album. If you contact me, I will try to help. RSC

via email from Anke Hillebrand, 12-30-03
I found your site and have a question for you.. Because I'm busy with a documentary of the "brothers Spyker", I know about Trompenburg and the making of 'Spyker planes and engines!'
I also know that Wijnmalen was president of Trompenburg.... Do you have perhaps pictures of him in a Spyker plane?
Anke Hillebrand
Editor's Note: If any of you can help Mr. Hillebrand with his quest, please contact me. I will forward your message to him. He tells me that he can use any information until March, 2004.

Before Amelia
A Study of the Finer Points of Riding
Henry Wynmalen
Product Details
Hardbound: 288 pages; 6x9 inches
Publisher: A. S. Barnes and Company, Inc.
Out of Print:
"DRESSAGE is the Art of improving one's horse beyond the stage of plain usefullness. An understanding of its principles is of inestimable value to all riders who wish to improve the performance of their horses in order to add to their enjoyment and success.
     The author explains that the nature of these principles is esssentially very simple. There is, he says, no fundamental difference between the methods employed in handling a new-born foal or in riding a high-school horse. It is only in the application of these methods to work of an ever more exacting nature that the difficulties increase."

Henri died on February 9, 1964 in Twijfford-Berks England.
Personal communication from Jolanda Wijnmalen - 12-20-03

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