Clyde Murvin Wood
Clyde Murvin Wood
Collection of Bart Furey, 2-16-08

Bird Men Race As Memorial to the First Flight
Daily Journal and Tribune,
Knoxville, Tennessee: October 17, 1913,
Transcribed by Bob Davis - 9-14-03
      "As a memorial to the first flight in a power driven aeroplane, which took place ten years ago, when the late Wilbur Wright piloted his biplane for the first time through the air, five aviators completed a circuit around Manhatten Island, starting from Oakwood Heights, Staten Island. The meet was held under the auspices of the Aeronautical Society and the winner of the prize of $1,000 was W. S. Luckey. It seemed fitting that the decennial celebration should find the victor flying the same type of machine that the Wright Brothers made famous. In sipte of the fact that the monoplane has demonstrated its superiority as a machine whose chief essential is speed Luckey's biplane, a 100 horse power Curtiss, showed its way to the field. Frank Niles, in another biplane of the same make and horsepower, finished in second position, winning $750, and
C. Murvin Wood in his 80 horse power Moisant military monoplane, was third, getting the prize of $500 for his flight."
Bob Davis

C. Murvin Wood
Collection of Bart Furey, 2-16-08
New York to Washington
August 8th '13

Collection of Judy O'Donovan
     Since the last Chirp 11 more have entered the sacred portals and still others are suffering microscopic examination by the membership committee. Messrs. Kabitzke, Upson and Wood were on hand at the air race reunion and dinner. The following were endorsed by the committee and approved by the trustees as of August 24, 1938;
     C. Murvin Wood, engaged in experimental work with the Ford Motor Company, will probably best be known for his New York-Washington record in 1913, not to mention the Times Derby race around Manhattan Island organized by the Aeronautical Society the same year. He soloed a Moisant at Mineola in 1912 and holds Aero Club certificate 209.
courtesy of Steve Remington - CollectAir

C. Murvin Wood & his dog Mona
C. Murvin Wood & his dog Mona
Library of Congress Collection, 12-2-07

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