J. Hector Worden
J. Hector Worden
Collection of Pablo Larumbe, 9-21-08

     If you search for "Héctor Worden" +aviation, using the Google search engine,
(2-15-11), you will find about 158 links. One of the most interesting is the following.

Air warfare: an international encyclopedia,
Volume 1 By Walter J. Boyne
     "The first pilot of Native American ancestry, Hector Worden was born in White Plains, New York, on 4 February, 1885. He worked with John Les Clark of the Indian Exhibit Company and always retained an admiration and interest in his Cherokee ancestry....... "
Aviation in the Mexican Revolution
     This article on the War and Game website, posted by Mitch Williamson, offers a very complete and interesting revue of the beginnings of military aviation. The role of John Hector Worden is mentioned several time. Included are two photographs of the TNCA Series H two-seat parasol monoplane light bomber. You will also find several references to other aviatiors such as:
Dean Ivan Lamb, Phil Rader, Charles F. Niles, W. Leonard Bonney, and Lawrence Brown, all of whom were Americans. In addition, the group of aviators consisted of Didier Masson who was of French parentage and a Romanian aviator, George Pufflea.
     In the case of Pufflea, the only reference I have at this time, (9-21-08), is in the text of the article, EL CUERPO DE AVIADORES DE PANCHO VILLA, by Dr. Lawrence D. Taylor. The article is in Spanish and there is only one mention of his name.
     You can access the site by clicking on the title.

     This page on the Fuerza Aérea Mexicana - Sitio Extra Oficial website, offers, in Spanish, a summary of the beginnings of aviation in Mexico. It has a brief reference to Hector Worden which I have translated below.
     "During the rebellion of General Pascual Orozco (1912), two Moisant Bleriot 2 airplanes of the Federal Army participated, flown by the North American Héctor Worden and the Mexican Francisco Alvarez. During this year the first instance of the contraband of arms by air by the English pilot John L. Longstaff. Flying a Farman biplane, he established a sort of mail service and he also transported arms to the rebels from Laredo (Texas) during the night."

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