The heroic flights
       They are the flights recently made by Wilbur Wright. And they deserve to be so designated, not only because of the bravery generally required in flying experiments, but for the particular spirit of these experimenters.
     On September 17, after having broken the record of one hour by plane, Orville Wright crashed at Fort Mayer in the United States, with Lieutenant Selfridge, falling from a height of 25 meters. The lieutenant died a short time later; while Orville Wright broke several ribs and hovered between the life and the death.
     Five days hadn't passed when his brother Wilbur, even though affected by the terrible news and troubled by the vivid vision of that tragic crash, took flight again and astonished the world, staying in the air for 1 hour, 30 minutes and 25 seconds, and covering officially 66 kilometers.
     The first cars, just twelve years ago, weren't able to go for so long without stopping.

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