Aé.T.1 Transport
The same type employed by the then Colonel Zuloaga in the flight
Buenos Aires-to -Buenos Aires, October 1933
Photo & text from Arne Brunner, 1-9-08

Brigadier Major Angel M. Zuloaga
by Georg v. Rauch
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The Minister of War designated the then Colonel Zuloaga to lead this air mission. An air unit dubbed as the "Sol de Mayo Escadrille" ("Sun of May" ) would consist of the following types of aircraft: NA Aé.T.1. five-seat transport which would act as lead aircraft, six A.M.e.1s, an Aé.C.2 and an Aé.C.1 and a Junkers F,13L carrying supplies and spares. Argentine personnel established advance detachments for repairs and refueling at the Brazilian cities of Pelotas, Florianapolis and Rio de Janeiro. The squadron took off from El Palomar air base on 3 October and arrived at Rio de Janeiro at the same time that the Argentine naval squadron reached the harbor of that city. Total distance flown: 2200 km(1,382 miles) The return trip began on 15 October at Campo Dos Affonsos and ended at El Palomar on the 18th Total distance flown on the return journey : 2.340 kilometers ((1,457 miles) Grand Total Distance flown : 4.560 kilometers (2.839 miles).

The only incident involved the Junkers transport, which suffered damage to its undercarriage and the 16th and had to be sent home by steamer. The aircraft of the FMA and their engines had performed flawlessly, highlighting the level of training and organization of the Argentine Air service. The Brigadier was a prolific writer, and an avid book collector. While traveling through Europe in the 1930s, the Argentine Military Attaché arranged an interview with Reichs Chancellor Adolf Hitler. Zuloaga curtly advised the Attaché to cancel the appointment, since he had no desire to shake hands with Herr Hitler. In 1941 Zuloaga was appointed Commander of the Comando de Aviación del Ejército. (Army Aviation Command). In the weeks that passed, aboard the flight that brought me back to the United States, and on countless occasions, I went over this fortuitous, yet very pleasant meeting with Brigadier Major Zuloaga, thinking of the various questions l could have asked, that l should have asked. Brigadier Zuloaga died in Buenos Aires on 29 August 1975.

(*) Adapted from : Rauch, George v, "Glückliche Sitzung mit Brigadier Mayor
Angel María Zuloaga" (', Pucará ( Series II-Vol. 3 No.1, January-March 1983,
Special Supplement ) pg.38-42..

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