Lieut. William E. "Gink" Doherty flying the rebuilt "Langley" machine over Lake Keuka in 1914.
The "Langley" experiments were conducted by Curtiss for the Smithsonian Institute
to determine the value of Prof. Langley's aerodynamic theories.
  This was a postcard from the Glenn H. Curtiss Museum.  
  William Doherty is listed in the EARLY BIRDS OF AVIATION Roster of Members,
as having been one of the original 598 Early Birds. He died in 1954.
  Photo by Stan Shafer.  
Dale Crites piloting his 1912 Curtiss hydroaeroplane reproduction over Lake Keuka on June 30, 1986.
The centerline and wingtip floats were constructed at Mercury Aircraft in Hammondsport.
Dale's flight was in commemoration of the U.S. Navy's 75th Anniversary of Naval Aviation.


On June 28, 1987, The Curtiss Memorial was formally dedicated. Wally Schirra was the honored guest of the Glenn H. Curtiss Museum of Local History, Hammondsport, New York. While some people were at the Museum taking advantage of the chance to meet the former astronaut; many were at Champlin Beach hoping to catch a glimpse of Dale Crites flying his Curtiss Pusher which had been transformed into a hydroaeroplane. Dale and his crew were busy each day preparing for a flight. That moment came late Monday afternoon. The prior day's flights were cancelled due to excessive boats and rough waters. Dale was busy checking his cables, controls and engine --- finally taking his position in the pilot's seat and yelling "contact!". Harry Saltsman gave the propeller a spin and she started --- the very distinctive sound from an OX-5 engine was heard and Dale headed out onto Keuka Lake. Gradually picking up speed --- faster and faster he went --- finally --- he was airborne! The crowd clapped and cheered with excitement. History was being recreated.
     Dale's flight was deemed a success, but his landing was less than successful. A hole was punched into the bottom of the hull --- just enough damage to cancel any further flights. The floats, centerline and wing tips, are now in the collections of the Curtiss Museum.
This from The CURTISS FLYLEAF, Volume 4, Number 1, 1987
Glenn H. Curtiss Museum of Local History
Hammondsport, New York 14840

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