Three Planes
Three Curtiss Machines

I thought I'd respond to your request for information regarding two photos on your website.
The "THREE UNKNOWN PLANES" are Curtiss machines;
from the bottom to the top the aeroplanes (I prefer the older term when referring to the older machines) appear to be as follows:

Curtiss S-1 (Curtiss-Wright Institute)
S-1 Baby Scout c.1915 = 1pOB; 90hp Curtiss OX; span: 20'0". An experiment by Curtiss to find the
smallest plane that could be built around the OX. S-1 was a factory designation; plane was not used in service.
Identification by K. O. Ecklund - Aerofiles, 9-12-07

The "Standard" JN-4D "JENNY"and a
Twin engined, long-span version of the JN-4D "JENNY".
These machines in the same photo would date the picture to 1917 or 1918, and the location would probably be either the Hammondsport, N.Y. or Toronto, Canada Curtiss factory.
I have a well-read copy of PIONEER PILOT, and have been working on a serious biography of Lincoln Beachey, an early exhibition aviator, for some years.

Thanks for the great website,
C.F. Gray
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