Walter & Loa Lees
Walter & Loa Lees, 1919

Fly-a-way Weddings

Aeroplane weddings and honeymoons are the latest. The ceremony of a recent "up-in-the-air" wedding was heard by thousands by means of an ingenious arrangement of repeaters and megaphones.
     The bride and groom were in one plane, the best man and minister in another.
     The bride had rehearsed "going up" three times previous to the ceremony.
     The bride wore a regulation motor suit, cap and goggles over her wedding finery.
     The groom proved a busy man, for he drove the plane, did his share in the ceremony, (leaning far back into the after cockpit to slip on the ring), then made a safe landing. Some nerve for a newly wed!
     One spectator queried; "How high were you?"
     "In the seventh heaven," replied the groom
This from THE PHILADELPHIA RECORD of Sunday, August 3, 1919
The paper was very fragile and yellowed. Sorry the pictures aren't better.

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