JUNE, 1915
  Loa & Walt  
From a News Clipping of June 17, 1915
on the occasion of Walter's marriage to Loa Lloyd:

Mr. Lees is pilot of the passenger carrying hydro-aeroplane of the Illinois Naval Reserve of Chicago, and has the honor to drive the first aircraft to be attached to the Naval Reserves of the United States.
     After the ceremony the happy couple and their immediate relatives were taken to the Columbia Yacht Club where the groom's hydro-aeroplane was taken from its hangar. Mr. Lees first took his father for a trip in the air. He then took his bride into the machine, glided over the water, arose into the air and after circling high over the club like an immense bird, the bride waved her handkerchief which could be scarcely seen on account of the great height at which they were flying. The craft was headed north on their honeymoon trip in the direction of Milwaukee, where spectators watched them until they disappeared from sight in the sky.
Walter corrected the story some time later:
Actually it was Walter's parents who received a ride on the wedding day. Walter wrote as follows:
--I gave both my dad and mother a ride in the boat (Curtiss F-Boat). Dad enjoyed it, but mother was scared every minute.--

Loa's first flight was on June 20, 1915, three days after the wedding. She was Walter's 13th passenger. Walter planned it this way as he was superstitious about the number 13. He always thought it was his lucky number. They soared to a breath-taking 1,300 feet and kissed. Thirty minutes later they were safely on Lake Michigan again.
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