Collier Trophy The Collier Trophy was established in 1911 by Robert J. Collier, publisher and early President of the Aero Club of America. The trophy is administered by the National Aeronautic Association of the U.S.A. and is awarded annually for "the greatest achievement in aeronautics or astronautics in America, with respect to improving the performance, efficiency, and safety of air or space vehicles, the value of which has been thoroughly demonstrated by actual use during the preceding year.  


1911 Glenn H. Curtiss
1912 Glenn H. Curtiss
1913 Orville Wright
1914 Elmer A. Sperry
1915 W. Starling Burgess
1916 Elmer A. Sperry
1917-1920 No award presented
1921 Grover Loening
1922 Personnel of the United States Air Mail Service
1923 Personnel of the United States Air Mail Service
1924 The United States Army
1925 S. Albert Reed
1926 Maj. E. L. Hoffman
1927 Charles L. Lawrance
1928 Aeronautics Branch of the Department of Commerce
1929 National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics
1930 Harold Pitcairn and His Staff
1931 The Packard Motor Car Company
1932 Glenn L. Martin
1948 Charles E. Yeager


On March 31, 1931, President Hoover presented the Packard Motor Car Company the 1931 Robert J. Collier Trophy, America's highest aviation award, for its developement of the diesel engine. Alvan Macauley, President of the Packard Motor Car Company, accepted the trophy. "We do not claim, Mr. President, that we have reached the final developement, even though our diesel aircraft engine is an accomplished fact and we have the pioneer's joy of knowing that we have successfully accomplished what had never been done before...." The presentation of the Collier Trophy was only part of the post-endurance flight hub-bub. There were receptions, speeches and congratulations. The newspapers took pictures of Walter and Fred, as they were being greeted by their families when they returned to Detroit

  Walter Lees & Fred Brossy  
  Walter Lees & Fred Brossy Accepting the Collier Trophy..  
  The Trophy & The Plane
  The Collier Trophy and the Packard-Diesel Engine.
Editor's Note: The introductory description of the Collier Trophy and the initial portion of the list of recipients to include the Packard Motor Car Company was taken from the Trophies and Awards at the National Air and Space Museum page of the National Air and Space Museum site,
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