Walter Bullock Flying His Bleriot  

  On the last night of the Early Birds Reunion in Rockton, IL, we were privileged to see moving pictures, accompanied by a verbal description, of flights made by Walter Bullock in the two antique airplanes built by him. The Bleriot, was built in 1966-67. It was as correct a reproduction as possible with the information available, except that it was powered by a 65 HP Lycoming engine. Bullock said, "It flew very well and I performed at several air shows with it in 1967. It now reposes in our local Aircraft Museum.
This from the EARLY BIRDS OF AVIATION "CHIRP", January 1970, Number 76

"Pioneer Minnesota Airman"
Walter R. Bullock was born at Buffalo, New York, August 5th, 1899 where he attended grade school. He left Buffalo about 1908 and went with his family to Texas and then to Minneapolis, Minnesota, arriving there in the fall of 1911.
     He enrolled for flight instruction at the Curtiss Flying School at Newport News, Virginia in the fall of 1916. Several well-known instructors were employed there, including Victor Carlstrom, Bert Acosta, Stewart Cogswell, Victor Vernon and Walter Lees.
     Bullock flew tests for pilot license on November 21st, 1916 using a 90 H.P. OX-powered Jennie school plane, and obtained his F.A.I. aviator certificate No. 630, dated November 29th.
This from the EARLY BIRDS OF AVIATION "CHIRP", March, 1987

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