Capt. Reisweber On the photo is written the following legend:
To Walter Lees
With appreciation of your kindness in giving me my "first
hop" in 1915 -- the thrill of which
will always remain one of the
most happy events of my aerial life.
Happy Landings
Capt. Ben Reisweber
Capt. Ben Reisweber, USMC, WW I, 1932


Using a search engine, I looked for the name "Reisweber". I found an e-mail address for a Maj. Deborah Reisweber. I sent a request for information, along with a tiny picture, to her and received the following response:

Mr. Cooper,
I received your e-mail, reference LTC Benjamin Reisweber, through my wife, Deborah. We are both officers in the U.S. Army, currently stationed at Fort Leavenworth, KS. It's rather coincidental that you have contacted us reference Ben Reisweber. Of late, I have been piecing together information about the Reisweber side of our family in putting together our family tree. I have known about Ben Reisweber for quite a while, however. LTC Ben Reisweber was a U.S. Marine Corps Aviator in World War I. He was a first cousin to my grandfather, Harry Reisweber. Both grew up in Buffalo, N.Y. I believe that Ben, did in fact, fly with Glenn Curtiss, in World War I and knew him quite well. Other details about him are sketchy in my mind. I will retrieve more information about him this evening when I return home.
     I visited your website this morning. Feel free to include the picture of my cousin on your website. If you need more information, I will be happy to provide it to you.



I have included the entire exchange of information just to illustrate the links which can be found with the past. This seems like a treasure hunt to me and is very gratifying when it is successful. Thanks to the internet and Major Reisweber.
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