George's First Plane
  George explained to me that his dad was very interested in aviation. He took him to see planes at a nearby airport. George found them to be fascinating and resolved to be a flyer.
     At that time, the family lived on a ranch high in the mountains east of Three Rivers, California. The ranch is just south of Sequoia National Park. As he recalls the story, he was probably about twelve years old at the time. He built the plane from materials he found around the ranch. It was very sophisticated in that the ailerons, elevators and rudder were all movable. If you look closely, you will see that the plane is suspended from a cable which ran downhill between two trees.
     George said that he could fly the plane down the cable, was able to make certain manuevers, and could even flare out to a soft landing. All went very well until the cable broke. George survived the crash and flew again.
Editors Note: Two of Walter's grandaughters, Jo's daughters Peggy Hunt and Elsah Cort live in Three Rivers. Elsah hosts a Bed & Breakfast, Cort Cottage right in Three Rivers, just a short distance from the entrance to Sequoia Park.
Peggy is employed in Sequoia National Park.
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