& WALTER, 1924
  Paul Dodd Culver, 1924  
  Paul's First Flight with "Uncle Walter," 1924  
  In the fall of 1922, Walter went with Johnson Aeroplane and Supply Company, located in Dayton. Other old friends, Teed and Paul Culver, were also in Dayton. Their baby born at Newport News shortly after Betty, was now 7 year old Paul, Jr., known to the Lees Family as "Jim". One day, Jim had the thrill of his life, a flight with "Uncle Walter." "I was hooked on flying from that day on," Jim says.
     Jim became a pilot himself later, receiving his Navy wings at Pensacola, Florida, December 6, 1941, and reporting for duty at Pearl Harbor shortly after the Japanese attack December 7th. He flew for over 40 years and became a Commander in the Navy. His Dayton experience did, indeed, hook him on flying.
This from Jo Cooper's PIONEER PILOT

The finest thing that happened to us while Paul Culver was assigned to the Princeton Flying School. was the birth of our first child, Paul Dodd Culver, born on June 28, 1917. Strangely enough, he wasn't born with wings! But many years later he did earn his wings as a Navy pilot in World War II. He graduated from Pensacola the day before Pearl Harbor and was one of the first Navy pilots sent to the Pacific Zone where he was to learn more about flying than his father ever knew. Then after twenty years of active duty in the United States Navy Air Corps, and having attained the rank of Commander, he retired to try his hand in business as a civilian.
From Edith Dodd Culver's TALESPINS, A Story of Early Aviation Days

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