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Letter to C.J. Brukner
Collection of Joe Gertler
Reply to Walter E. Lees
Collection of Joe Gertler


Mr. C.J.Brukner, President
Waco Aircraft Co.,
Troy, Ohio.
Dear C.J:
     Because all the enthusiasm for our Diesel engine has
been lost around her(with the exception of about three of us),
and it doesnt look as though anything will happen here for many
moons, I am looking around for something more exciting than working
on automobiles.
     I have been thinking seriously of writing to each one of
our Distributors and Service managers through-out the country, and
finding out if any are interested in their local airports or want
to be, and will finance me in the agency of a good plane.
     In that connection I thought you might be able to
suggest some place your company wants to establish an agency, or
make a change in the present dealere in certain locations.
     I was over to Joe Salzmans hangar the other day to see
Gar Woods new cabin job, and it certainly is a dandy, and does
credit to your whole gang. You are one pereson in the aircraft
industry who deserves all you have pulled out of it, for I can
remember the old days when it was tough sledding for you, and how
you used to do all the lay out work and all the welding besides.
     Please let me know, when you have the time, and with
best regards to all the boys, I am,


Mr. Walter E. Lees
2505 Pinecrest Drive,
Ferndale, Mich.
Dear Walter:
     Thanks for your letter and all the kind remarks about
the self and the product. Sorry to hear that the Diesel cause is
suffering along with rugged individualism. I suppose you do find
automobile developement anything but inspirational after the
interesting pioneering work with which you have been connected
     Getting down to the subject of your becoming located
in a WACO sales agency-- I am goiing to recommend that we approach
the problem from the opposite direction to taht which you suggest,
as it would be an enormous task for me to comb thru our sales
connections and compile information as to their extent and desir-
ability, most of which information would be of a confidential
nature. I can say that there are a good many good locations in
which we can carve out a territory in which a good hard-working
salesman can really make sales and money. I suggest that you do
the investigating you have in mind and when you have located one
or more spots in which you think backing will be available, that
you communicate with us for a report on our existing sales situa-
tion in those localities before proceeding with any arrangements
that might mean expense to you, as you must realize that you are
most likely to receive favorable response from cities in which
aviation is already popular and ther are sales connections
     As stated above, this thought does not imply that
there are not plenty of excellent spots available, but most of
them will require a little initial build-up of enthusiasm, which
may be easier to accomplish this year by reason of the Department
of Commerce promotional activity which has planned a large
ballyhoo campaign on private flying, and altho it is going to be
directed to the "flivver" class, it will also focus considerable
attention on the more substantial types. We have repeatedly seen
dealers go into territories practically dead to aviation and
strike up enough immediate enthusiasm to make a good thing the
first season, and in some cases said dealer was a rank beginner
     I think you will agree with my recommendations outlined
above, and we will await with lots of interest further word from
you as to progress or any further request you may care to make for
information or suggestions. We surely appreciate your interest in
our picture and hope that things will work out so that you can be
one of us soon.
    Sincerely Yours,
C. J. Brukner
  Editors Note: I find this letter from Walter to be particularly poignant. When I read it recently to my wife Jo, Walter's youngest daughter, she observed that her father had a wife and four daughters to support and times were very hard. It was shortly thereafter that he joined the Scintilla organization, where he remained until he was recalled to the Navy in 1940.
I am very grateful to Joe Gertler for finding these letter is his extensive collection of documents from the WACO company and for allowing me to add them to Walter's site.
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