Curtiss F-Boat  

1915, Early Fall:
Ray Morris came thru Chicago on his way to the Curtiss Company in Buffalo. When he saw the crate I was flying, he was quite perturbed. A week later, he had Curtiss wire me offering me a job as instructor on the Curtiss F-Boat at Buffalo. Of course, I jumped at the chance. Wish I could remember the salary I received. I was married in June, 1915 and took Loa to Buffalo. My first students were Al Johnson and Fish Hassell.
     I flew there the fall and winter of 1915. I went to Hammondsport once on a Sunday to test fly three F-Boats which were sold to Colombia. The Curtiss pilot, Walter Johnson, wouldn't fly on Sunday and the boats had to be shipped on Monday.
     It was the first time I had met Glenn Curtiss. He had several of us to dinner that night. I had to refuse to drink champagne with him as I had promised my mother not to touch liquor while she was alive.
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