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Bert Acosta
The Portal of the Folded Wings,
     The Shrine to Aviation and Museum, is a 75 foot tall old world structure of marble, mosaic, and sculpted figures located at Pierce Brothers Valhalla Memorial Park in North Hollywood. It is the burial site for 13 pioneers of aviation, including Bertrand B. Acosta and on Memorial Day 1996 was re-dedicated as an aviation museum.
     Built in 1924 as the entrance to Pierce Brothers Valhalla Memorial Park, it was dedicated in 1953 as a Shrine to Aviation by aviation enthusiasts who envisioned a final resting place for pilots, mechanics and other pioneers of flight.
Buried beneath the dome of this structure are the following pioneers of aviation
  Bertrand B. Acosta
Mark. M. Campbell
W. Bertrum Kinner
Elizabeth L. McQueen
Matilde Moisant
Hilder F. Smith
Charles E. Taylor
Walter R. Brookins
Col. Warren S. Eaton
A. Roy Knabenshue
John B. Moisant
J. Floyd Smith
Carl B. Squier
       Memorial plates on the walls include honors for Amelia Earhart, Richard E. Byrd, and Brg. General William Mitchell.  

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