AKA Ivan Bielovucic, Jean Bielovucic
Juan Bielovucic
Juan Bielovucic
Collection of Leonard Elersek, 5-31-07

  Semaine D'Aviation
July, 1910
Circuito aereo di Milano
September, 1910
Callao, Peru
January, 1911
Circuit Europeen
June-July, 1911

Using the Google search engine on "Bielovucic, you will find some 78 links. Most of them are in Spanish, but many have English translations available. Usually you will have to visit the site in the foreign language to enjoy the many photographs, but then you can use the English version to better understand the story.
Aeronaves de la Fuerza Aérea Peruana.
While browsing a few of the links, I found one which is really outstanding and deserves your attention. It is entitled "Bienvenidos a mi Pagina !" and is the entry point to a discussion of Aeronaves de la Fuerza Aérea Peruana. (Airships of the Peruvian Air Force.) Among other things, it offers biographies of many of the pioneers of Peruvian Aviation including Jorge Chavez and Juan Bielovucic. I was surprised and pleased to find an American, Harold B. Grow, listed among them. Sorry to say, all of the text is in Spanish and there is no readily available version in English. However, it is a real treasure of information to those of us who can read Spanish.
To access the site, just click on: Aeronaves.

Historia de la Aviación Mundial y en el Perú
Another site which I can highly recommend to your attention is entitled "Historia de la Aviación Mundial y en el Perú" (History of World-wide Aviation and in Peru). It also offers many fascinating stories about persons and events, both in Spanish and with a machine translation into English available directly from the Google site. Included is the story of an American, Elmer Faucett, who was active in the development of aviation in Peru.
To access it, just click on: History.
To access the English translation from Google,
click on: English

     Mario Cobianchi wrote this very interesting book in the year 1943 and he died in the 1944. The book isn't for sale and in Italy there are only 11 copies in the libraries. It is the source of the information on other Italian pioneers which I have sent to you including Giuseppe Cei, Pasqua marquis Ugolino Vivaldi, Mario Calderara, Adorno Enrico Cammarota and Juan Bielovucic
Photo & text courtesy of Giovanni Giorgetti, 10-10-04

Courtesy of Leonard Elersek, 10-24-07
Dear Sir.
     On this page, I found a review of the book, PIONIERI DELL'AVIAZIONE ITALIANA ITALIAN PIONEERS OF AVIATION, by Mario Cobianchi. The book was written about Juan Bielovucic and is very interesting to me. Unfortunately, it was written during the dictatorship of Mussolini, the Italian fascist, and contains many errors of fact. The truth is that Ivan Bjelovucic came from a famous Croatian family from Janjina in the Adriatic peninsula Peljesac. For your convenience, and that of your visitors, I have transcribed two appendices, each of which offers important information. You can access them by clicking on the titles.

Appendix One The genealogy of famous Croatian family Bielovucic with 30 naval captains.
Appendix Two The genealogy of Bielovucic family after imigration to Peru. (Spanish version.)

Leonard Elersek

Juan Bielovucic died in 1949

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