Eugene Jaques Bullard
Photo Courtesy of Warrick L. Barrett

     If you search for "Eugene Bullard", using the Google search engine,
(3-11-06), you will find about 808 links! Perhaps among the most helpful are the following.

Your Internet Resource for African-American History
     You will find a nice introduction to the career of Eugene Bullard
on this "Biography" sub-section of the AFRO-American Almanac. The presentation is concise, but does summarize the most important events in his life and career. Y ou can access the page by clicking on the title above.

Eugene Bullard (1895-1961)
     This entry on the New Georgia Encyclopedia website offers a very nice little biography and a beautiful photograph of Eugene. It also offers a "Suggested Reading" list. You can access the page by clicking on the title above.

Eugene Bullard
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
     This entry offers the reader a very comprehensive biography of this first black military pilot who began his career in the French Army of World War I. In addition it includes a number of references and suggested links. You can access the page by clicking on the title above.


Before Amelia
Eugene Bullard:
Black Expatriate in Jazz-Age Paris
Craig Lloyd
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Hard: 217 pages,
Publisher: University of Georgia Press (August 2000)
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ISBN: 0820321923
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Black Eagles
Flying Free
African Americans in Aviation
by Jim Hastings

"African-American folklore is rich in stories and songs about people flying. But in the early days of American aviation, racism forced blacks to go to Europe to earn their wings. Such pioneers included Eugene Bullard, who joind the French Foreign Legion in 1914 and was awarded the highest honor given by the French military. In 1921 in France, daredevil Bessie Coleman was the first black American woman licensed as a pilot."
Selection from flyleaf
America's First Black Aviators
by Philip S. Hart

"...One group of aviators wasn't so well received during the ealry days of aviation. Black Americans who flew airplanes, and those who wanted to learn, faced segregation and racial discrimination. Many airports were off-limits to black pilots. And neither the United States military nor private aviation schools would train blacks to fly.
In Flying Free, you'll learn how black pilots of the 1920s and 1930s overcame obstacles. Black aviators started their own flight schools, put on air shows, flew cross-country, and persuaded the military to train black soldiers for aviation combat."
Selection from flyleaf

African-American Aviators

Image courtesy of Richard W. Jackson


     You will find a brief summary of Eugene Bullard's life and career along with several links, on this unique website. In addition, you will find several pictures of his grave markers including the portrait at the top of this page, as kindly provided by Warrick L. Barrett. To visit this interesting site, just click on:
Eugene Bullard
     Be sure to visit the homepage of this site and take advantage of its many features. To access it just click on:
Find A Grave

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